Be Encouraged, Be Expectant

Be Encouraged, Be Expectant... Sounds a bit cliche right? I know that when you're going through your fertility journey, some of the last things you want to hear are "relax", "Don't worry", "Be expectant, it will happen", "Be encouraged"... You just don't want to hear it when all you see and feel is an empty … Continue reading Be Encouraged, Be Expectant

Patient Day of Action

Patient Day of Action 25/03/2017 When I found out about this campaign, I was so happy, yet quite upset. I cannot imagine how much money hubby and I would have spent had it not been for our access to NHS Funding. To find out that there have and will continue to be cuts to this … Continue reading Patient Day of Action

Fertility Myths

Day 3 of National Fertility Awareness Week! My godsister ( said something so key yesterday.  She said she never thought she would be in the category of someone who struggled with fertility... It's the same for me! Even with PCOS, I definitely had the African mindset of "that won't happen to me, it's not my … Continue reading Fertility Myths

Cycle 3

      This is a different type of post as I have included some videos too! During the process, I decided to video some of my thoughts. I wasn't quite sure what I'd do with the content but, it felt right at the time. I didn't get a chance to do any editing as … Continue reading Cycle 3

IVF Cycle #2

After the horrific ordeal of  cycle 1, I really questioned whether I wanted to go through another round again. I think at this point, I was far beyond desperate; it was hurting too much just thinking about why this was taking so long and the process so painful. I have to admit that before we … Continue reading IVF Cycle #2


Cycle #1 ***DISCLAIMER - This is a very LONG post*** When you write a blog, you open yourself up to the world - the unknown. I'be debated for over three months about whether to post this as I kinda felt like, ok my wounds are totally open, no plaster, no bandage - totally exposed... I … Continue reading IVF