Fertility Myths

Day 3 of National Fertility Awareness Week!

My godsister (mrsbusari.com) said something so key yesterday.  She said she never thought she would be in the category of someone who struggled with fertility… It’s the same for me! Even with PCOS, I definitely had the African mindset of “that won’t happen to me, it’s not my portion.”

I never wanted to face the reality that I was in that category and even when I did, I felt ashamed when I finally visited the GP to ask for help.  Once we were put forward for treatment, I thought that IVF had a 100% success rate.  I couldn’t fathom the possibility of it not working, let alone the possible side effects and emotional strain…

I’ve mentioned in a previous post that I thought everything to do with IVF was fake (covers face)- the words ‘test tube Baby’ always came to mind. It’s amazing the silly thoughts you have towards something you know nothing about…

So, once again, if you feel you need help, please ask. I understand that few people like to be boxed into categories but, when you look at your long-term goals/vision, knowing that you have at least enquired could put your mind at ease.

Found this great table highlighting some typical fertility myths



Be Expectant, Be Encouraged

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