The Waiting Room

I’ve sat in many waiting rooms in my life but, for the first time after treatment, I find myself in the waiting room of a Breast clinic waiting to be seen for a mammogram

I began my day by dropping Samuel off at Pre-School and finally listening to a voice note that a friend had sent me about 2 weeks ago. I needed that voice note. I was supposed to listen to it this morning.

As I try to focus on positive things, I take in the surroundings of a much better hospital. I refused to return to Basildon where they had missed the lump. I’m back at the hospital over the bridge where I gave birth. I feel confident in them.

On the TV, ‘Homes under the hammer’ is on and, I feel that God has done this to keep me at peace… I’ve sent a prayer request to my prayer group because there’s a nervousness in me that I cannot shake. I’m back in the waiting room-again.

10 Minutes Later

Mammogram over! Did it hurt? Yes. Was it uncomfortable? Yes. would I recommend it? Heck yes! 2 minutes of feeling uncomfortable can save your life. Remember that.

Cynthia (the Health practitioner) asked how I was doing. I don’t what what happened but I just burst into tears. I almost had a panic attack and she had to calm me down. The emotions and memories were just. Too. Much.

She comforted me and spoke about how “blessed” I was to be here and tell my story. I knew then that she was God- sent. She was speaking with faith. I knew it and I could feel it. My breathing slowed down and we spent the short time laughing and somewhat getting to know each other.

I was told that if they had any worries they would call me today and, if I heard nothing then “know it’s good news”.

I’m sitting in my car knowing that ALL is well and…

“You will keep him in perfect peace, Whose mind is stayed on You, Because he trusts in You.”

👆🏾 Debbie sent this to me

So, ladies- and men, if you haven’t check your breasts- please do!

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