We’re Expecting pt2

Some time ago, I wrote a post titled 'We're expecting' and received messages of congratulations from people who saw the title but had not read the post. I guess it was kinda misleading but I promise it wasn't my intention.😊 So, for most of you, you know that we are actually expecting- finally! I've had … Continue reading We’re Expecting pt2


A date for the diary … whether you’re in London, Lagos or Rio De Janerio! Mrs Busari founded Prayer & Share earlier in the year - a time where ladies get together to pray, fellowship and share their favourite food dish. The event had to be cancelled due to the birth of Baby Josiah, but … Continue reading PRAYER & SHARE: MORNING TRIUMPHS LAUNCH

What’s on offer?

The harsh reality of accessing fertility treatment is unfortunately linked to your postcode. Just after we experienced our first failed cycle, we were told that our local borough were no longer offering funding for 3 cycles. Thank God our funding had already been secured and the changes did not affect us. IVF may not be the … Continue reading What’s on offer?

Fertility Myths

Day 3 of National Fertility Awareness Week! My godsister (mrsbusari.com) said something so key yesterday.  She said she never thought she would be in the category of someone who struggled with fertility... It's the same for me! Even with PCOS, I definitely had the African mindset of "that won't happen to me, it's not my … Continue reading Fertility Myths