Be Encouraged, Be Expectant

Be Encouraged, Be Expectant… Sounds a bit cliche right? I know that when you’re going through your fertility journey, some of the last things you want to hear are “relax”, “Don’t worry”, “Be expectant, it will happen”, “Be encouraged”… You just don’t want to hear it when all you see and feel is an empty stomach…

Once I started to pray more, I really felt both encouraged and expectant. For me, it was just a matter of time before my prayers came to pass and I would finally be called a mother. I remember hubby and I being asked to be Godparents to our friends son and I wanted to turn down the offer. It took a lot of prayer and convincing from hubby and our friends for me to say yes. I didn’t feel like a mother and was so upset because he would be my fourth Godchild…

On the day of his dedication, we were called to the front of the church and it really hit me – There were four godfathers and I was the only female… I pondered on this for the duration of the church service and when the time came for me to give my speech at the reception, I became emotional and thanked our friends for not only choosing me but, most of all, I was grateful because they saw that I was a mother! I may not have had my own child at that time but, I knew that when that day came, I would become a mother of five – I was definitely feeling expectant.


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So, on Monday 1st May 2017, I am holding my very first event -‘Be Encouraged, Be Expectant’ at the Grange White Hall Hotel London. It’s and intimate affair of only 20 people and a time to receive information, hear testimonials, ask questions and meet others who are on the same journey as you.

Tickets are free, so do register quickly as it’s first come first served.

Click here to register


Be Encouraged, Be Expectant

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