Imole ninu okunkun aye -The light in darkness 

Thinking back over my journey, I’ve definitely had many dark days- sometimes weeks! I’ve shut myself away from the people who love me the most, all in the hope of having “space and time to think.” Gosh, thinking can be dangerous! I mean when there’s no end to your negative thinking, it can take you deeper and deeper into that dark place of no hope…

Sometimes it would be a friend who would give me the talking of my life, the look of concern on my husband’s face, a trip to church or a simple song that would snap me out of it. All of above would eventually lead back to how much God loves me and the fact that He definitely wouldn’t want me to continue in such a state. Basking in His love really did help me to see the light at the end of the tunnel. 

I think about Jesus being sent as light to the world and He literally does cancel out darkness. There are many things on earth that are able to cast shadows but, have you ever noticed that light has no shadow? The moment my focus shifted, it was as if I blew out that light and gave way to the shadow (darkness). 

When I saw clearly, I really did see that He is my Imole ninu okunkun aye -The light in darkness. 

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