Welcome to my blog! After two yeas of debating and worrying about what people would think and the possible gossip, I took the bold step in March 2016 to document my fertility journey.  After a few months of writing, I realised that there were so many women experiencing the same emotional and draining journey that I was on. I concluded that there is so much more to life than allowing the opinions of others dictate your actions…

After three fresh cycles and one frozen transfer, my dream became a reality and my husband and I welcomed our baby boy in November 2016. I have continued to write because I am a firm believer in supporting others and the thought of just bringing everything to a stop because I have given birth would be selfish (in my eyes)… I continue to carry out research on fertility treatments and advancements and, to be honest, I still have so much more to say!

It’s 2020 and the narrative is changing ever so slightly because… I just beat Breast Cancer! 

9MonthsandWaiting is my journey to motherhood and beyond  – a place where others can hopefully find support, information and encouragement. Feel free to comment, share and ask me questions on my Faith, the Fertility Journey and Beyond.

Be Encouraged, Be Expectant

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