Secret’s Out…

top secretI am still buzzing from the ‘Be Encouraged, Be Expectant’ event on Monday! It’s always hard to gage whether an event has gone well because people will always thank you and tell you “it was good” before they leave… The feedback I have received over the past 24 hours has been so positive and encouraging that I am more confident about the next event. I have a few things I’m currently brainstorming but will definitely keep you posted.

OK, so I’ve titled this post ‘Secret’s Out’ because my mum finally knows about 9MonthsandWaiting (covers face). You may be wondering why she didn’t know before but, the truth is, I just didn’t know how to tell her. Sounds strange right? I can put everything  out there on the world wide web but can’t even tell my own mother… I shied away from telling her because I didn’t think she would fully understand why I am doing what I’m doing. I thought the typical African woman would surface and tell me that I should not be telling everyone my business.

It had all been arranged, mum was going to babysit so that hubby could come along to the event and support me. I love the way babies have their own mind because the night before, my bubba got diarrhoea :(. I thought it would subside or even be gone by the morning but it just got worse. In the end, hubby stayed home and booked an appointment to check bubba out – turns out he has a stomach bug.

I called my mum to let her know that we would no longer need her to babysit and grandma being grandma threw a bit of a sulk. I didn’t know what to do other than to ask her if she wanted to attend my event. She asked what it was and I said “I’m sorry, I have never actually told you what I have been doing over the past year.” I then went on to explain 9MonthsandWaiting and my Instagram page (@kemi_kems) and I was so shocked at her happiness and excitement. She didn’t display any of the concerns I thought she would and said she was very proud of me. That meant the world to me and, I was so happy that she would be there to witness my first event.

Once the event was over, she congratulated me and said she had learned a lot herself! She encouraged me to start planning the next one and said I needed to stop being so nervous. For those who know me, they know that nerves is not really something I suffer from but I really wanted the event to be successful and for the guests to leave encouraged and expectant.

I guess, sometimes we hold back from doing things in life because we have already decided how others will react. I held back from starting this blog because of what I thought people would think and say, but wen I think about the relief I have in speaking about my journey and meeting new people, it makes it all worth while!

Are you holding something back from someone who can be that pillar of support for you? Lets keep talking about our feelings and the fertility journey because, you will surely receive the comfort and support you rightly deserve,

Be Encouraged, Be Expectant

yellow heart


Here are some images from the event (still waiting on more)

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