Pineapple Core & Implantation

So yesterday, I was chopping up a pineapple and I guess I went into auto-pilot mode because I soon realised that I had been throwing away the juicy chunks and was eating away at the core… It has been over a year since I have chopped a pineapple and the last time I did was after we had our embryo transfer. It got me thinking, did my eating pineapple core daily help with my implantation? It’s a strange one because, I tried the pineapple core during cycle 2 and our FET but that still resulted in a BFN (Big fat negative).

As I’ve said before, I’m still a bit nervous about how baby number 2 will happen…  so I’ve gone back to re-visit the whether eating pineapple core is a myth or truth.



Pineapples, especially the core, contain an enzyme called bromelain which acts as a blood thinner, pain reliever and anti-inflammatory agent. Now, you’re probably wondering what all of that has to do with fertility right? You see, one of the benefits of blood thinners is that it drives the blood to the uterus which creates an environment for embryos to stick whilst reducing the chances of a miscarriage (awesome). As with everything, this needs to be done in moderation and only after transfer or ovulation.

Pineapples are high in acidity and can therefore also prohibit pregnancy… It’s all still a bit “blaaah” for me as there’s not much concrete evidence to support a lot of the information… Pineapples are also one of the fruits you are told to steer clear of during pregnancy… Confused? I am too!

The truth is, I started this post in September 2017 and its now 11th November 2019… I still eat pineapples – not because I am actively trying to get pregnant but, simply because I love the fruit. When I came across this half written post, I quickly began searching online for more information on pineapples and implantation.

Nothing much has changed to be honest but here are some tips on eating the right amount of pineapple core


  1. Where possible, use an organic pineapple
  2. Eat only after ovulation or implantation. It’s not recommended to use as an aid to trying to conceive if you are already taking blood thinners such as aspirin. If in doubt – consult your doctor.
  3. Avoid canned pineapples – the heating process for canning can destroy the level of bromelain
  4. Try to limit your intake to 2-3 wedges per day – you don’t want to eat too much
  5. Actually eat the core – this is where the highest level of bromelain is


Pineapple as the symbol of Infertility

I have always wondered why pineapple was the symbol for infertility. I kind of put two and two together in relation to eating the core and I guess it’s something that has evolved over time. Pineapples were traditionally used as a symbol of hospitality and kindness but is now globally recognised as the symbol hope for those on the fertility journey. It’s also a great way for friends and family to show their support. I think this is a lovely gesture because there are badges, emblems etc for so many other things and whilst the topic of infertility is still somewhat a little quiet, these pineapples definitely help to kick- start a conversation from a stranger when they see it.

I love my pineapple pin because my fertility journey is part of me! There was a time I would hide and avoid the topic but now – if you ask me a question about it, it could most likely be a one-sided conversation!


Be Encouraged, Be Expectant


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