Ssssh, Its National Fertility Awareness Week

1 in 6 couples in the UK experience the pain of fertility issues. (

Why should the issue of fertility be such a taboo, a secret that eats you up inside for the fear of what people will say or think?  It could also be the fact that you’re struggling with the thoughts of not being a complete woman or man- I know I struggled with that… It doesn’t need to be something you deal with on your own, there are thousands out there going through the same thing who could do with your encouragement, your tips, your success stories and even your openness of your true feelings. 

No man is an island! Don’t let the worries and trials of struggling with fertility consume you. It took me years to finally talk about what I was going through and I am so happy I did. The messages of support, prayers and advice I have received have been awesome. I’ve connected with people who are on my Facebook and Instagram that I never knew were going through or had gone through the same thing as me. As people have begun following the blog, it’s driven me to do more research and really be an open book. No one can fault you for being open about your struggles. They may gossip about you but hey, who cares? When you weigh up the people you are able reach out to, it far outweighs the ones who have nothing positive or constructive to say…

So, this week, I’ll be making daily posts to spread more awareness and also publish my latest post which is now a little late- sorry. Let’s embrace National Fertility  Awareness Week and spread nothing but love, information and support!

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Be Encouraged, Be Expectant

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