Pregnancy & Infant Loss Awareness Month


This month of October is very close to my heart as it’s ‘Pregnancy & Infant Loss Awareness month and National Fertility Awareness week  from 30th – 5th November. I also have my very first event with Thurrock Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) on Thursday 17th, and… It’s my ‘No tea for 31 days’ challenge – It’s a busy month 🙂

I recently read a post that I wrote about two years ago titled ‘Will I Meet You Someday?‘ and I am so glad I wrote it when I did… It was just after our first IVF cycle and I was going through the motions of accepting that it had failed. I didn’t quite know how to process the negative pregnancy test and found myself thinking about the baby I never got the opportunity to meet.

Over the past few days, the statistic 1 in 6 has been going through my mind… 1 in 6 pregnancies result in a miscarriage – that’s a pretty big number.

Friday 13th October

It’s Friday… I’ve been writing and rewriting this post for a week… I think the emotions are a bit much… I guess thinking about death does that to you.  Some people may not see it as such but, for me, once that egg fertilises, it’s a being, a soul has formed.

I think this week has been the most active I have been on social media and have found myself up until the early hours of the morning reading peoples’ stories. I have to say that I’ve found a lot of encouragement from it and am so happy to be part of the  ttc (trying to conceive) community.

wave of light


This Sunday, the 15th October, Mrs Busari and I will be going live on Instagram to participate in the global Wave of Light at 7pm. Wave of Light is an opportunity for individuals, groups or families to come together to light a candle at 7pm in remembrance of all the babies who have died too soon. This will be my first time participating and I’m really looking forward to it! During our live session, we will both be saying a prayer for everyone and the many angel babies we one day will get to meet.

For more information, visit my Instagram page @kemi_kems


Be Encouraged, Be Expectant

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3 thoughts on “Pregnancy & Infant Loss Awareness Month

  1. Hi my name is kiesha and I went through the same thing it’s just minds was a IUI just like you I didn’t understand how it felt everything was good I think when they told me I wasn’t pergant my whole world shut down I don’t understand o and I got Surgery on tubes the right to be exact they said I had a little scar tissue so the didn’t have to remove the tube now Iam just clueless what’s the problem #stress#irregular period#am I going to ever meet you


    1. Hi Kiesha,
      I’m so sorry for your loss… It can be really hard to move past the grief and the thought of starting again. One thing I will encourage you to do is focus on the end result. It may be hard, especially when things do not look that great but push past and visualise yourself with your children.
      How long have you been trying for and is IUI the best advisable option for you?
      Feel free to message me privately if you want.
      Love Kemi


      1. I actually did the iui once it was so must stress cause I really wanted I been searching on the internet for natural ways to conceive I got my scar tissue off my tubes I do t no what’s wrong I get a period and it’s irregular I think it’s my weight


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