Arugbo ojo – Ancient of days

As old as you are, you remain the same!

Last week, I had so many names of God going through my head and thought I’d do a little sharing! Also gives you all an opportunity to learn a little Yoruba 😊

When I reflect on my journey, one major factor I’m grateful for is my unchanging God! As old as He is, He never changes, His promises will stand until the end of time, they will not come back void without accomplishing the purpose for which they were sent. 

I’ve said before, my faith is what keeps me going and the foundation of all I do so I’m talking a few days to share my thoughts before my next IVF update post. 

When I think of ancient, words such as old, historic, wisdom, knowledge, first existence, professor come to mind. I know therefore, I will be one of ‘The Women Who Did Give Birth.’ No matter what trials, hurdles or storms life throws my way, I know that I will overcome- I will win!

Ancient of Days, you will never change!

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