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After watching the critically acclaimed Christian movie ‘War Room’, my close friend (more like sister) and I decided we would start our own War Rooms. We agreed that we could visit our war rooms at any time of the day but we would wake up every morning at 6am to pray together. Well, when I say together, I mean we prayed individually and then sent prayers to each other via text.

February 25th 2016, it was a tough morning- I did not want to get up. I couldn’t remember the last time I saw 6am! I knew I couldn’t result to “just five more minutes and I’ll get up” because Lola was up in her own home starting her prayers. The bible says that when two or more agree, it shall be done. There is something about knowing that someone else is relying on you to make something happen that gives you that extra drive.

My war room wasn’t just about asking God for a child, it was so much more. I believed my children were on their way so I centred my prayers on their future, my family, friends, business and most of all, any evil entity that was battling with me. I really was going to war and was not prepared to stop until we (everyone I was praying for) got our victory.

Last year, my husband and I were looking for an investment property and instead fell in love with a beautiful house that was fit for a medium sized family. We got on so well with the owners and decided we would purchase it for ourselves. We really did not need up to half the space but talked and prayed about it and decided we would move forward in faith. Looking back, it was rather big faith purchase compared to the baby grows and bibs I had been buying 🙂 We were confident that with the move, God would bless us with children to fill the house.

We moved in just before Christmas and began making some changes. There was one particular room which the previous owners had not touched in what seemed like 15 years. When our builder went in and stripped the wallpaper, plaster, carpet and curtains, I stood in the middle of that room with confidence that it would someday soon become a nursery for our baby. When we showed people around, I said with pride “This is the nursery.” People’s first reaction was to look at my stomach and when they saw nothing there, they said “amen”. I was happy that they too could see that it was more than possible.

We asked the builder to paint the room in a neutral colour so that it would be easy to add other colours if we wanted to at a later stage. I slowly began to fill the windowsill with baby gifts given to us by family and friends over the years for encouragement and hope. The room was actually beginning to look like a nursery with the books, learning blocks and clothes- I felt like I was getting closer to the reality of becoming a mother.

imageExample of a war room. Google.com

As time went on, I began to alternate the rooms I would pray in. I figured that since we would be having more than one child, the other spare room would one day be used as our children’s room. We added a bookshelf and began filling it with books and teddy’s and again, kept the colour neutral. I loved going into my war rooms! Each morning I entered, I would do so with confidence and a bit of attitude. I’m not sure why I had an attitude but I guess you don’t go to war all happy go lucky- you go prepared, focused, determined, serious and with the aim of winning. I knew for sure that I was serious because 2016 had been declared as the year of moving forward and there was no way I wanted to take the same battle into 2017! Uh uh, no way, not this time and not for my family and friends. I want us all to get our breakthrough this year and my confidence in Christ is greater than ever.

My war rooms represent hope and a place where I can really relax in God’s presence and zone out from everything else. I have a list of women who are waiting on their miracle that I pray for and Glory be to God, one of the women has already been crossed off the list! What started as sending prayers between the two of us, quickly expanded to our network of friends and family. I strongly recommend watching the film and creating your own war room. It doesn’t need to be a bedroom, it can be a cupboard or even a corner of your home.

Lola and I are currently working on how we can get more people involved in our 6am prayers – I’ll keep you posted. I know I was supposed to update you on IVF cycle 2 but it has been a bit of a challenge to complete. I will have it ready next week 🙂

Be encouraged, be expectant

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