Hey! Body, I’m talking to you!

Dear Body,

Why are you being so stubborn? Why is it that you are not doing what you are supposed to? Anyone ever felt like that? Ever felt that the only thing consistent about your cycle is its inconsistency? It’s a complete roller coaster of a journey of hating your periods, to wishing it would come, to wishing it wouldn’t – providing we ovulate… Oh body, work, please work.

There’s a picture I see, it started off in black and white and now, there are just a few things left to be coloured yellow. I say yellow because this brings me so much joy, it’s the colour that makes people smile, it lights the earth and generally puts people in a good mood. You know that in the autumn/winter months, I tend to stay at home more as I can’t stand the thought of going outside when the sky is grey, it’s raining or just too cold. This is why the yellow is so important to me, it will get me out more and bring me so much joy.

Body, I do love you, really, I do. After years of taking advantage of you I finally decided to treat you with the respect you deserve and as the holy temple that you are (1 Corinthians 6:19). It was hard, I struggled to reduce my intake of those fat chip shop chips smothered in salt, vinegar and onion vinegar… mmmm, I can even smell them now! I struggled with the intake of my favourite chocolate -Twix and the 2 1/2 sugars I would add to my cups of tea. Now, there is no more sugar, I cut that out all together without the slow process of gradually reducing it. My once or twice a week indulgence in king size Twix has reduced to maybe once or every two months-Actually, I haven’t even had one this year!

I’ve been doing more research (www.diabetes.org.uk) into low GI foods to help manage my blood sugar levels and although I am honestly finding it a bit hard and slightly more expensive than what I was used to, I’m still trying because I want to live a long and healthy life where I get to spend time with my grandchildren and God willing – great grandchildren (psa 41:2).

gi index

Image -www.lowglycemiccertification.com

I used to look at women on the train or bus wearing the ‘Baby on Board!’ badges and wonder when you were going to allow me to have one. When would I own that badge and and wear it with pride, knowing that I was almost guaranteed a seat to and from work? I’m sure you’re aware that I’ve even contemplated buying one and wearing it in faith – to prepare for what is to come. The only reason I didn’t was because I knew this was borderline obsession and I also wouldn’t know how to explain it to my hubby.

bob badge

Body, In my previous post ‘We’re expecting’, I wrote about me realising that this is so much bigger than me. Yes, I can watch what I eat, drink two litres of water a day, exercise more and chart my cycle so that the doctors can advise on the next course of action but, ultimately, it’s God, the Master Physician who is doing the grand work (Proverbs 4:20-22).

Sarah, Rebekah, Rachel, Manoah’s wife (Samson’s Mother), Hannah and Elizabeth all struggled with infertility but eventually gave birth to sons who went on to make great impact. They defied medical and natural laws and gave birth to children of promise. So, yes, this this is bigger than me, bigger than science and bigger than what the world says.

Body, I write this letter to let you know that I’ve handed everything over to God, He who is more than able to do exceedingly above what I have expected. He who is has promised and will not let His word come back void without accomplishing its purpose. Body, you will work and defy the medical reports, defy the PCOS statistics of infertility, weight gain, depression and diabetes. For those of us struggling, we will have countless reasons to celebrate and testify to your goodness and power. So Body, now that the Master Physician is here, I need to to obey, give access and comply! No ifs, buts or maybes, no referring back to what has happened in the past or what other people with PCOS are doing – my story is different!

Hey! Body, God is now talking to you

With Love


yellow heart


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2 thoughts on “Hey! Body, I’m talking to you!

  1. Loved this! Every time I read a new post I envision your future post when you reveal that God has given you your miracle.


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