The Waiting Room

I’ve sat in many waiting rooms in my life but, for the first time after treatment, I find myself in the waiting room of a Breast clinic waiting to be seen for a mammogram I began my day by dropping Samuel off at Pre-School and finally listening to a voice note that a friend had … Continue reading The Waiting Room

The Morning After

30/09/2018 - The morning after. I wasn't too sure how I would feel following surgery. I had read some blogs where people had said they felt lighter and a sense of relief … It was different for me - I was numb (literally) and still felt a little "hung over" from the medication I had, … Continue reading The Morning After

I cheated on my nail technician ðŸ˜®

Yesterday, I made a well thought out decision to visit a new nail shop... For some, this may not be a big deal but, I had been going to the same place for 9 years. Lily, my nail technician had been taking care of my nails for almost a decade! I felt like she has … Continue reading I cheated on my nail technician ðŸ˜®

“I’m sorry but, you have breast cancer…”

It's Wednesday 25th March... I'm back to old habits of not completing posts... Gosh, that title was hard to write... I've read and re-read it and stared in disbelief. Truth is... it's the truth. I've thought long and hard about how best to deliver this. I've recorded a voice note for my dormant podcast... I've … Continue reading “I’m sorry but, you have breast cancer…”