Let’s Pray…

Hi Everyone,

I cannot believe that it’s the last day of 2017! The is going to sound so cliche but, where did the year go? I always find that the first half of the year drags and then once it hits August, I feel that we’re in fast-forward.

I’ve been shying away from doing something and concluded that disobedience and procrastination is definitely not.the.one.

I remember all too well how hard I would find it year after year going into a New Year with the same prayer point of wanting to be a mummy. I remember how hard it was to pluck up the courage to claim that it was finally “my turn…” I also remember when there were times I’d feel “what’s the point in praying?” I’m so grateful for the friends and family I had around me who stepped in and prayed with me and for me. I was grateful for the pep talks I would get every now and then and, I was grateful for the ttc community and reading all the testimonials of those who beat infertility.





So… today (Sunday 31st December) at 5pm (UK time), I will be going live on Instagram (@kemi_kems) to share some encouragement and prayer for all the future mummy’s and daddy’s on the fertility journey.

Make sure you tune in, share and invite someone. Lets virtually join hands and agree in prayer and believe that 2018 will be a landmark year of fertility warriors!


Be Encouraged, Be Expectant

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