Virginia and Victor

Victor and I were not looking for love when we met as we had both recently lost someone important.

Johnson familyPhoto: Momentostudios


After trying for a full year, we decided to get help from an IVF clinic. Little did we know that we were already pregnant when we had our initial consultation.  After trying so hard for the pregnancy, our happiness was short lived as we discovered it was ectopic and were broken by the news that we had to terminate the pregnancy.

We had to continue with our regular Obstetrician and Gynaecologist appointments since the shot did not stop the pregnancy… My provider discovered a growth in my bladder during the emergency surgery and I was sent to an urologist for a follow up. I was told that I would need another emergency surgery. The doctor confirmed that the growth in my bladder was a low grade of bladder cancer that was about to open and spread… Had our pregnancy not been ectopic, the cancer would not have been discovered.

I was still grieving the loss of our first pregnancy but knew, following the removal of my tubes, I needed to try IVF to get the family we had been praying for.

As no one in our immediate group had been through IVF, my husband was my support. This was uncharted territory for us but we had faith it would work.  After spending the entire pregnancy worried that I would lose another baby, we were ecstatic to welcome our first daughter Zoey in 2014.

In 2016, we went for another round of IVF and were shocked at our 2 week scan when we were told that we were expecting twins. Then, at the next scan it increased to triplets. Up until 10 weeks, we thought we were pregnant with 3 babies – that was until we went to our perinatal specialist and they discovered the 4th baby! Our pregnancy quickly turned dangerously serious as baby A & B were sharing the same sac. Our provider discussed “selective reduction” but we knew in our hearts that they were all meant to be here and elected to not go forward with the procedure.


Johnson family xmasPhoto: Packer Family Photography

On 29th March 2017, at 31 weeks and 6 days, we welcomed Ava, Olivia, Madelyn and Victor Jr. It’s been a busy 9 months but, we have worked out a routine that keeps everyone happy. We know how costly fertility treatment can be and we are grateful for the great family planning benefits we have which, kept our costs very minimal.

Finally, to anyone on the journey to parenthood, don’t give up and keep the faith. There will be days where you feel you are at your end but reach deep down and find a little bit more. Talk to your significant other about how you are feeling as the hormones can take an emotional toll on you. Just keep putting one foot in front of the other.